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An interview with Kyoko Nakayoshi

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Kyoko Nakayoshi is the founder of Cotton & Cloud.

She hailed as one of the designers to watch by knitscene on 2012. She often uses seamless and short rows techniques. She designs with yarns from companies who are leading the way in eco-friendly raw materials.

Kyoko now lives and designs in London.

When and where from did you learn to knit?
I learnt knitting when I was about 7 by my grandmother in Japan.

How important is for you the knitting?
Very important because it's so therapeutic to my life (I live in central London which is very busy). Knitting for my family is my favourite because I can show my appreciation to them as well as keep them warm.

When did you start to design patterns and how did that happen?
I always designed my own garment so it's hard to say exactly when, but I think it was the fallen  leaf shawl which I knitted for myself and I decided to sell the pattern. People loved the design and I realised that I could really start designing more.

Are there any designers by whom you have been influenced?
There are so many talented designers but my first British knitting hero is Debbie Bliss.

From where do you take inspiration to start a new pattern?
Various things. Nature, a person, events, lots of things. Many of my designs are inspired by nature  and I use lots of leaf motifs which I love.

How often do you design? How much time do you need to complete a pattern?
Depends on how busy I am with other designing for the magazines. Right now I have a small baby so I  am not designing much, but before I design a collection twice a year. The time to complete a pattern depends on the complexity of the design also

What are the stages that you follow?
After the design (takes a while to assimilate all the inspirations into one design), tension knitting (very important), swatching for the patterns/motifs, calculation, pattern writing and sample knitting.

What do you like most to knit and what to design?
Fingered gloves, cardigan and baby clothing both to knit and to design.

What abilities do you believe a good designer should have?
Good knitting techniques and consistent tension as the knitting pattern will be based on the tension you mention.

What are your favorite techniques?
Wrap and turn short row and magic loop method. These are the two techniques I tend to use in my patterns most of the time.

What is your favorite pattern and why?
Cable Yoke Jacket because not only it's such a fun design to make but also there are both baby and adult versions and knitters as well as myself can make this whimsical designs for yourself and their babies!

What is your last and what is your next pattern?
The last design as Skew which I contributed for Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 8. I am currently working on a very special collections. But as I now have a baby daughter, things are going a little slower - all in good time!

Something else that you would like to share with us?
Lots of new designs are coming in future and I can't wait to share them with you!

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